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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Minnesota Storms

The weather in Minnesota can become inclement quickly. Knowing what to do when a disaster strikes can make all the difference, it is the same after inclement weather strikes. There is a lot of information that you will need to address with your trusted insurance agent and it is best to evaluate your protection portfolio with your agent prior to the storm.

The best way to be ready for a claim, is to prepare an inventory of all the items in your house, examples include your clothing, jewelry, shoes, and expensive electronic equipment. Most homeowner's policies have specified limits on jewelry and electronic equipment therefore it is important to talk with your agent to see if you need to customize your policy to accurately protect your situation. The easiest way to itemize your household goods is to take a short video of all the items in your house. This can take as little as ten minutes. It is easy to document a brief description of the item, with virtually every phone having camera capabilities it has never been easier.

Reviewing all of your insurance policies with an agent is the best way to properly understand the in and outs of your personal homeowners, auto and umbrella insurance policies. Ask your agent to discuss the difference in Actual Cash Value, versus Replacement Cost on your personal items. Actual Cash Value has depreciation incorporated into the pricing, instead of Replacement Cost which is the cost to replace the damaged or lost item.

The important information you will need to know after a disaster is the inventory of your household good and being prepared allows for a seamless claim experience. Having an experienced insurance agent take a detailed look at your homeowners, auto and other insurance policies will help you establish a long-lasting relationship with your insurance agent.