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Happy Turkey Day!

We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We have so much to be thankful for at A.T.C. Agency, we are eternally grateful for you!  Our loyal clients make us very happy!   Thank you for your continued business with our agency!  

More than 4000 fires occur nationwide on Thanksgiving each year.  Here are some tips to keep your Turkey Day festive.

Test your oven periodically before Thanksgiving; it is always a good idea to replace a heating element prior to having a bird in the oven.

Keep it clean, the cleaner the oven the more efficient it will work.  A dirty oven can easily catch on fire.

Test your smoke alarms to ensure that they are working properly.

While cooking stay in the kitchen, checking on your food regularly prevents fires.

Keep potholders, food wrappers, bags and any other flammable item away from heat sources while cooking.

Turkeys usually take quite some time to cook, it is important to stay home while it is cooking so you can check on it regularly.

While cooking keep you ports and pans handles turned inward to prevent accidents with hot items.

Keep all sharp objects out of the reach of children and make sure that there aren’t any dangling cords.

Once your meal is prepared and you are about ready to enjoy your feast double check that the stove, burners and all other appliances are off.