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Winter Tips

Thanksgiving is approaching us, and quickly. The weather in Minnesota has become a bit unpredictable. We recently had snow in northern Minnesota and three tornados in the Southern Metro in the same day. When the weather gets a bit colder it is a good idea to prepare your house.

Make sure chimneys are inspected and cleaned annually.

Inspect furnace and heating vents. 

Clean gutters of leaves. 

Disconnect garden hose from spigot.

Turn the water off inside, for the outside spigots.

Check windows and make sure storm windows are secured. Inspect weather stripping on windows as well.

Check doors and make sure storm doors are secured. Inspect weather stripping on doors as well.

Make sure to have a supply of salt for the driveway and walk way. 


There are multiple things to do in order to winterize your household. In addition to this list there may be more chores for your home but we hope this helps.