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Beware Ghouls & Goblins Pose a Potential Threat

It is the season for trick or treaters, soon they will be knocking on your door asking for tricks or treats.   It is your responsibility as the homeowner and insurance policy owner to prevent losses.  Halloween is a potential huge liability exposure because you invite strangers onto your property and you give them treats.  Liability claims are the most common and most expensive claims paid out by insurance companies.  Any injury that a person might suffer while their feet are on your property can be considered your liability.  Below are a few safety tips;

Be sure to move any obstacle from the sidewalk, driveway and entry of your home.

Use only outdoor approved lighting and don’t place any lit candles outside of your home.

Be sure the area is well lit and keep your lights on all night.  Please remember that tricksters are interested in causing problems and the best targets are dark homes where no witnesses will see the mischief.

Eggs are very difficult to clean off the side of your house.  They are even worse to clean off of your car.  If possible park your car in a garage on Halloween night. 

Be sure your pets are safely kept inside the house on Halloween.  They are at a great risk of being frightened or hurt.  A frightened dog might not act how they normally would and you definitely don’t want a dog bite claim when you’re handing out candy.

Make sure the treats you hand out are safe and individually wrapped.