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Hydroplaning or Aquaplaning

The rain is helping usher in spring, but it is also accumulating on the roads. The winter debris is being washed away, but it is clogging the sewers and causing huge puddles to form. Those puddles can be dangerous, they can be huge potholes that can do damage to your vehicle!

With the recent rain, it is a good idea to practice a little extra caution on the roads to avoid hydroplaning. Too much water on the road causes hydroplaning, and the tires lose road contact. The treads in your tires act to deflect water away from the tire, and helping create friction. When you encounter a puddle of water large enough, the water pressure in front of the tire forces water underneath the leading edge, causing the tire to ride the wave of water pressure. When the tire loses contact with the road, the vehicle loses all of its traction and will become unstable.

The best way to reduce the risk of hydroplaning: the vehicles speed, the tire condition, tires tread condition, and vehicle weight. Stay alert on the roadway, avoid speeding, and make sure your tires are filled to the correct PSI and in good repair.

As always practice due caution on the roadways and be civil to one another.