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Lake Superior Ice Caves

As of February 23rd, 95.5% of Lake Superior is covered by ice. The cold winter weather we have been having in Minnesota and in the rest of the country has made this the second consecutive year that the ice caves on Lake Superior has been open to the public. Last year the ice caves drew more than 138,000 visitors, and on Saturday February 28th, Park Rangers will open up the caves to visitors. Before you make the trek to the ice caves, check 

This winter, at the Minneapolis, St. Paul airport, there have been 26 days of below zero temperatures. With an average of 23 days, we are right on track, but that has allowed the formation of thick ice at the ice caves on Lake Superior. The ice caves were open in 2014, but that was the first time since 2009, and typically conditions are only safe for a month. If you are driving up to Bayfield, Wisconsin; remember to have evidence of your car insurance in your car! Wisconsin gives citations and fines for driving without evidence of insurance, regardless if you have coverage or not! 

Have fun out there, but remember to be safe and also never leave any trash behind!