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Do It Yourself Alarm Systems

On average, more than 60 homes per day are broken into across Minnesota, according to a WCCO article that was recently released. Minneapolis Police Department reports a decrease in the amount of burglary and larceny across the city as a whole. When it comes to your home, you want to know you are protected, but often security systems come with expensive memberships and monthly fees. New companies have emerged that allow a do it yourself method of home security. Companies like SimpliSafe, SkyLink and others offer a security system that has an emergency dialer, and in the case of a break-in they either alert the authorities, or the call is routed to a monitoring station. 

A do it yourself security system may not offer all of the features that ADT offers but it can help make your premises more secure. The key to preventing a burglar from making it into your house is keeping the doors locked, have adequate lighting, and a motion activated light. Thieves typically go for electronics, and jewelry. Keep documentation of electronics, the serial number, as well as information on the jewelry.

In most areas, police departments offer a walk through of a home, where they can make suggestions and point out areas of concern.