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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Car Insurance Edina

If you have watched television lately, you have noticed the bombardment of car insurance ads. They promise saving 20% on your auto insurance premium in 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes. 

When you are shopping for an insurance policy, the most prudent options would be first, find a local agent. Choosing a local agent helps to connect you with a professional who has current experience in your region. If you reside in Edina, Minnesota, finding an insurance agent located in Edina matters. They will be able to share expertise on the frequency of wildlife and car collisions, how many vehicles are damaged by hail locally, or how many drivers might be underinsured or uninsured on the local roadways. Those factors all should come into consideration when shopping for insurance.

Secondly, make sure you are adequately protected from a liability standpoint. According to the most recent US census data, the median income in for a family in Edina, Minnesota is $115,000/year. When you are a higher income earner, you need to have high limits of liability. When choosing auto insurance, make sure your limits of liability are equal or greater than your current equity. In addition to auto policies limits of liability, an umbrella policy should be added for additional protection. In a covered claim, if you have exceeded your limits of liability, an umbrella policy may cover the additional expenses.

Finally, have an agent you can trust. When you elect to be insured with an online insurance company, they may lack personal touch. When you are dealing with a hotline, they may not be aware of your financial, family, and current driving situation. A.T.C. Agency is located in Edina Minnesota, and the reason our clientele is primarily from Edina, Saint Louis Park, or Minneapolis, is because we can offer the best options in your location.

Don't be left underinsured or paying for an insurance policy that when and if you need it, may not have enough coverage. Contact us at A.T.C. Agency, you can always stop by our office in Edina, Minnesota. You can always reach us via email or our website. Be safe and kind to one another.