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Recreational Fires

Everyone loves to sit around a warm bonfire during the warmer months. Whenever you are having a fire, make sure you are following the necessary guidelines to ensure you have a great time and stay safe. If you live in Edina, you will need to get a fire permit prior to burning. A recreational fire permit in Edina is good for the entire calendar year, and can be obtained either in person at the Edina Fire Department Station No.1, or online at  Prior to starting your bonfire give the Edina Fire Department’s Recreational Fire Hotline a call, the number is (952) 826-0398; give them a call before starting a recreational fire.

Let your neighbors know that you are going to be having a recreational fire, so they don’t have an open window allowing in potentially harmful smoke exhausting from the fire. The city of Edina requires recreational fires are contained in a fire ring, pit, manufactured wood-burning appliance or similar device. Both Edina and Minneapolis require recreational fire pits are at least 25 feet away from any structure or combustible material. Always have an on-site fire extinguisher at the ready, such as a garden hose, sand and shovels, water buckets or barrels, or a portable fire extinguisher. Never burn any treated wood, construction materials, or yard waste.

The local municipality can restrict recreational fires, as well as the MN DNR during periods of high fire danger. The city of Edina reserves the right to revoke any fire permit if any complaints are received, so remember to notify those neighbors. Before you start that fire, remember to be respectful of your neighbors, and to stay safe. Recreational fires can be a lot of fun if you follow the few applicable rules, it will help keep you safe. Always check with your local municipality beforehand!