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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Renters Insurance Edina

If you rent a home or if you are renting an apartment, you should have renters insurance. Renters insurance will cover your personal belongings, like clothing, furniture, or a television; but it also protects you if you are legally responsible for the injuries to another person. In Edina, Minnesota more and more homes are being rented. That same trend is also happening in Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs. The landlord policy has protection for the home itself, but not for the renters’ belongings.

If you are renting a home in Edina, make sure you are protecting yourself with a renter’s policy. The landlord is responsible for insuring the building. The renter can be responsible for the rest. Renters insurance covers your personal belongings, as well as furniture or pots and pans that might be the landlords. If you are held responsible for injuries to another person who was injured on the premises, your renter’s policy offers protection. Most homeowner’s insurance policies have liability protection, but if you are renting a home, you can get that same protection with a renter’s policy. Your renters insurance has liability coverage, which offers protection if someone is injured on your property, and you are legally responsible for the damages. Do not leave yourself and your family unprotected, especially if you are renting a home.

If you are renting an apartment in Edina or if you're renting a home, protect yourself and your belongings with a renter policy. A.T.C. Agency has the ability to shop our carriers to find the most affordable policy. Most renters’ policies offer discounts for having multiple policies, so let us know if you have a car, boat, or anything else. We are located in Edina, Minnesota, and we are able to help people from Minnesota to Wisconsin. So whether you’re in Minneapolis looking for insurance, or if you are in Saint Louis Park, A.T.C. Agency is your one stop shop for all of your insurance needs.