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Boats & Booze

Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is increasing patrols for boating while under the influence. It is important to remember boating and drinking do not mix. In Minnesota, there is zero tolerance for anyone operating a boat while intoxicated. The blood alcohol limit is .08, but individuals who fail a sobriety check are also subject. The fine is substantial, up to $1,000 for first time offenders, possible jail time, as well as a 90-day suspension of boating privileges and it also goes on your motor vehicle record. According to the MNDNR, alcohol is the #1 factor in boating fatalities. 

The BWI law does not prohibit drinking alcohol on boats. The law only applies to operators of motorboats. Being outside can intensify the effects of alcohol, so practice caution while consuming alcohol on the water. Remember these 5 things while boating this summer:

1. Wear a life jacket.

2. Stay sober.

3. Tell someone where your going, and for how long.

4. Stay cognizant of the weather.

5. Stay alert.

Being responsible on the water will ensure that you're having fun and remaining safe.  For more info: