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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Safeco Rewind

If you're a responsible driver and you've received a speeding ticket, or some other minor violation, or even had an at-fault accident you may be eligible for Safeco's Rewind program. Safeco Rewind allows you to save immediately on your auto insurance. When you enroll in Rewind, Safeco waives the driving incident immediately, after the evaluation period the incident is permanently waived! Responsible drivers deserve a second chance, we all make mistakes and with Safeco Rewind you don't have to be surcharged for making a mistake once. 

Rewind is easy to use, and easy to monitor your results online via a secure website. Once you’re enrolled in Rewind, Safeco will send along a free Rewind device along with simple instructions. You plug the device into the car, and they take care of the rest. You're able to access your progress and the car driving data online. While you are reviewing your secure online profile, you are able to track where you may have had to brake too hard, or when you may have accelerated too quickly.

Obviously, you need to use your brakes! The program allows you see where and when a risky driving incident happened, while you are in the evaluation period, you can check online and see the denoted incident. It could have been you were driving a little too fast, or racing to get a green light, only to have it turn red right before you.  

Once you are done with the evaluation period, which usually takes 4 months, Safeco permanently waives the incident from the rating process. You will have received a prepaid envelope to return the device back to Safeco. A. T. C.  Agency is glad to be able to offer the Rewind program to our clients. Every one of our customers that has signed up has been thrilled with the program, and we've had every one of our clients successfully complete the program. 

The device is easy to install, and it is also easy to track your progress, which makes the evaluation process easy to complete. Safeco protects your driving data, and does not share it with any other party, except when required by law. Give us a call today about getting signed up or stop by our office in Edina, Minnesota. 

Thanks for reading, and be safe!