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Frozen Plumbing

Autumn has officially started in Minnesota and Wisconsin, although we have been experiencing relatively pleasant temperatures, the risk of frost is imminent. It is a great time to protect your residence from pipes freezing. Frozen water pipes can burst if not properly cared for, and cause extensive water damage to the residence. We have complied some tips on how to care for the plumbing system to prevent your pipes from bursting.

  • Pay close attention to the local weather forecast, especially when cold weather is probable.
  • If the residence is unoccupied, shut off the water supply, and make sure to drain your water system before vacating the premises.
  • Pressure build up in the plumbing system is the actual cause of bursting pipes, so if extreme cold weather is predicted, allow the faucet to drip to prevent a pressure build up due to a frozen blockage.
  • Allow for proper circulation for piping located near an exterior wall, keep the cabinets open or closets open to allow for maximum air circulation to avoid any cold pockets in the household.
  • Disconnect all hoses from the faucets and install an insulating cover for the hose bibs.
  • Insulate all accessible plumbing using pipe insulation.
  • Prior to the winter months, tightly seal all cracks holes or other openings with caulk or insulations to mitigate cold air from making its way inside.

The winters in the upper Midwest can be unforgiving, but with ample maintenance and preventive care, you can mitigate the risk of frozen pipes. If you have any suggestions, let us know at A.T.C. Agency Inc.