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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Cars used in everyday business may need a commercial auto policy opposed to a personal auto insurance policy. Auto insurance for a small businesses covers a wide spectrum of different risks, most require the expertise of an independent insurance agency. Employees who drive their own vehicles for business purposes may need additional coverage from their personal auto insurance policy from the small business's commercial auto insurance policy. An employee who has regular access to a work vehicle, will need to be covered on the commercial auto policy. An independent insurance agency like A.T.C. Agency, is able to shop your insurance policy through a wide variety of insurance carriers, to help find a commercial insurance company who wants to compete for your business.

A personal auto policy may not extend coverage to damages that arise through business related travel. If you are using your vehicle to commute from job site to job site as an independent contractor or the owner of a house cleaning service, a commercial auto insurance policy will provide a better array of coverage to better protect the business's financial well-being. A good independent insurance agent will ask the right questions, and ultimately help you and your business's bottom line. It is important to make sure you are properly protecting yourself and your business by making sure you have the right policy that will provide the coverage you need, when you need it. If you have employees who drive a work vehicle, in the event of a loss your personal auto policy may decline to cover the loss, leaving you personally responsible and jeopardizing the company.

A good independent insurance agent will talk with you about the usage of the vehicles, the nature of the business, and help find an appropriate policy and insurance carrier. Don't leave your business or yourself vulnerable, make sure you are properly protected today by stopping by our agency in Edina, Minnesota today.