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Car Insurance Discounts


When shopping for car insurance, make sure you ask your independent insurance agent if you qualify for any applicable discounts. Many insurance companies are saying they check multiple times if you are receiving any discounts you maybe eligible for, that may or may not be the case. The best way to make sure you are receiving all of the available discounts is working with an independent insurance agency. Many carriers offer multiple policy discounts, accident or violation free discounts, and an anti-theft discount.

Low Mileage discount is available to any driver who drives there car primarily for pleasure (opposed to driving to and from work or school), and if you do not use your car for business purposes. If you drive a vehicle less than 8,000 miles per year, you can start saving money on your car insurance with A.T.C. Agency. There is no tracking device associated with this discount, so it differs from usage-based insurance, which uses a monitoring device in order to extend a discount. Many drivers might be eligible for this discount and not even know it, which is where a good independent insurance agency can help guide you through the buying process.

Car insurance discounts are an important tool to help lower the cost of your premium, but you may not be receiving all of the discounts you might be eligible for. It is hard to know what discounts you might be missing out on when you are shopping for insurance online. With an independent insurance agency, they can shop multiple carriers to ensure you are receiving the most coverage for the best price. We would love the opportunity to help save you money with your car insurance, so stop by our insurance agency in Edina, Minnesota.