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Defensive Driver Course

Drivers 55 years and older are able to take a Defensive Driver course either in person, or online. Most insurance carriers offer up to a 10% discount for completing a qualified senior defensive driving program. It is a great way to save money on your car insurance and they offer helpful tips on how to manage some of the distractions on the road today. Many senior drivers on the road have gone years since they first took their drivers licensing test, and some laws and rules of the road have changed. After completing the initial class the discount remains in effect for 3 years.

Senior defensive driver courses are offered by a number of different organizations, but check with your independent insurance agent to see which course your car insurance policy will honor. AAA and AARP both offer great senior driver courses that are honored by most insurance carriers, and they offer classes either online or in person. Seniors who take the course can receive up to a ten percent discount on their car insurance premium, which can be significant.

AAA and AARP both offer affordable classes, both are around $25 or less. The defensive driver course discount is valid for three years. After taking the initial class, senior drivers will have to take a refresher course every 3 years to maintain the discount. The classes offer more than just a discount on your car insurance. They provide helpful tips on safe driving practices, distractions, managing medications and alcohol, and much more.

Ask your independent insurance agency what course they would recommend for continuing your safe driving career. If you don’t already have an independent insurance agent, stop by A.T.C. Agency’s insurance office in Edina. We can help you find a great car insurance policy for senior drivers and help sign you up for your defensive driver course.