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Protecting Pets During Winter


When you are taking your dog for a hike during the winter months, all of the salt and chemicals on the road can be harmful. Make sure you take a few steps to protect those paws. The winter can be hard on any animal’s paws especially if you are taking them for walks. The exposed pads are susceptible to drying, cracking, frostbite and even burns from the deicer chemicals. In the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area, some municipalities are switching to liquid deicers, which are less of an irritant to animals but still can be nuisance to sensitive pets. Products like petroleum jelly are a safe way to add an extra protective layer for their paws. Booties for their paws are also a great option, they offer great protection, but your pet may not be thrilled to wear them. The winter can be tough on your pet’s paws, but make sure those paws are protected.