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Sewer & Water Back-up Is Not Just for Homeowners


If you own a home with a sump pump, you will need sewer and water back up coverage on your homeowners insurance. That is not the only scenario when sewer and water back-up comes in handy. If you are currently renting an apartment or a home, it is a prudent decision to add sewer and water back up. The typical homeowners insurance policy does not include sewer and water back up. In the event of an over flowing toilet or a floor drain that is backing up, if you do not have the sewer and water back up coverage, you won't have coverage for the incident.

In Edina, Minnesota we are currently covered with over a foot of snow. If we have a rapid melt, it may overwhelm the sewer system, causing localized water back up in your basement. Make sure you have an endorsement for sewer and water back up before you need it.

In an apartment or condo, it is easy to think that the likelihood of the sewer backing up is minimal. The risk might be minimal but the damage it would cause will not be. Many cases the landlord’s insurance policy does not cover individual cases of water back up, unless they exceed the deductible, which might be as high as $50,000 per occurrence.

The cost of sewer and back up coverage ranges for each carrier, but typically is less than $100/year. Make sure you have this coverage on your homeowners insurance, condo insurance, or renters insurance!