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Homeowners Insurance- Dogs


The results from the American Kennel Club most popular dog of 2015 are in. The Labrador retriever was ranked as the most popular dog of 2015, followed by the German shepherd and the Golden Retriever. The Labrador retriever is known for its friendly personality, and is typically considered a good dog for families. That is the same case for Golden Retrievers, who are typically considered a friendly dog as well. Ranking #9 was the Rottweiler, which was up from #10 in 2014. The Rottweiler is a breed that most of the standard homeowners insurance companies will ask prior to binding a new policy if you own a restricted dog breed. Dogs are animals, and even the best breeds are fallible. The mostly likely individuals to be bitten by dogs are children aged 5 to 9 years old and dog bites can be a costly medical incident.

Most homeowners’ insurance policies will afford liability coverage if the homeowners' dog bites someone, with some restrictions. Depending on what breed the animal is, some homeowners’ insurance carriers will not even write you a homeowner’s insurance policy. Those restricted breeds depend on the insurance carriers underwriting guidelines, but include but are not limited to Akita, Chow, Doberman, Pit bull, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Rottweiler, Wolf Hybrid, or a mixture of any of these breeds. It is not to say, if you own one of these dog breeds, that the dog will bite someone; rather that if a dog does bite someone, they are more likely to be these breeds.

When you are shopping for homeowners insurance, your independent insurance agent will ask you if you have any pets, not just limited to dogs. A dog that is well disciplined, well trained and well exercised is more likely to be well behaved, but you can never be sure. If you do have a dog, give us a call at A.T.C. Agency, or stop by our insurance agency in Edina, Minnesota.