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These Car Maintenance Tips Could Prevent A Car Accident

Autumn has arrived in Edina, Minnesota and in the surrounding metro area, but it won’t be here for long. The days are now getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer. The longer nights mean cooler temperatures, and it is a great time to do some simple maintenance for your car. Routine maintenance is an important part of being a car owner, but it can also help mitigate the potential risk of an accident. We have compiled a list of a few items that should be routinely maintained.

Windshield Wipers- When windshield wipers age, the rubber naturally degrades. In Minnesota, wipers usually last a season to a year and should be check regularly for cracks, or replaced immediately if the wipers are leaving streaks on the windshield. If your visibility is impaired from old wipers, it may increase your risk of a car accident, which can increase your auto insurance rates.

Headlights- Visibility can be seriously impacted by clouded headlights. On older vehicles the plastic can become cloudy or hazy from exposure to the elements. If your headlights are cloudy, there are kits available that are able to treat the exposed plastic. The clearer your headlights are the better visibility you will have driving, allowing you to see any potential obstacles or hazards that might be in the roadway.

Tires- Tires are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road, so it is imperative that they are well maintained. The tires tread wear from normal daily usage, but properly maintained tires will have better traction and braking abilities than a tire with worn treads. The better traction and control that well maintained tires offer may help in avoiding an accident or a hazard in the road. The cost of new tires can potentially be offset if you are able to avoid an accident, and prevent filling a claim with your car insurance.

Driving on a clear and sunny day does not test your driving abilities and your cars capabilities like driving on a slick snow covered surface. Any maintenance that can provide better control to the driver is a worthwhile investment, because it can help mitigate the risk of an accident. Our list we have compiled is not limited to these repairs, and additional maintenance maybe required. Remember to drive within your capabilities and limit any distractions.