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Sewer and Water Back-up

Do you need Sewer and Water Back-Up coverage on your homeowners insurance?

Many homes in Edina, Minneapolis and the surrounding metro area have sump pumps in their basements. During recent storms, we have seen precipitation amounts of an inch or more! That amount of water needs to go somewhere, and no one wants it in their basement. 

Most newer home are equipped with a sump pump, which will turn on to pump excess water away from the home's foundation into the nearest storm drain. If a sump pump is not routinely checked for maintenance, it has a higher likelihood of failing, and could result in a costly clean-up! Standard homeowners insurance policy's do not cover losses from sewer back up or sump pump failure unless specifically listed. 

If you have a sump pump, talk to your independent insurance agent about getting that endorsement to your homeowners insurance policy.