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Roadside Assistance Plans

A total of 9.7” of snow has fallen on Minneapolis with this last winter storm. Bad road conditions and mixed precipitation have made the roads a mess. The spring thaw will resume shortly, which will cause an increase of potholes. When you hit a pothole, it can blow a tire out, or cause other damage to your car. Slick road conditions can also leave you stuck in the snow. You can be prepared for whatever the road conditions are by having a roadside assistance plan.

Most car insurance policies allow you to add roadside assistance. Plans on your insurance can vary by carrier, so review what is and isn’t covered with your insurance agent. The cost of a roadside assistance plan varies, ranging from $10 per car for a year to $40 per car for a year.

AAA offers different tiers of memberships. The basic membership starts at $77 and $15 extra per person. The basic membership covers up to 4 service calls per policy period, and has up to 5 miles of free towing. They also provide winching and extraction, so if your car is stuck in a ditch they will pay for one truck and one service person. Also free fuel delivery, you just pay the cost of the fuel.

If you use your insurance based roadside assistance, it can be classified as a comprehensive claim. That claim can be on your insurance record for up to 5 years and could impact your car insurance rates! If you use your AAA membership, it has no impact on your insurance record or premium.

A membership with AAA is going to be more money out of pocket initially, but it can help save you more money in the long term. Their memberships also offers rental car discounts, travel discounts and other benefits.

Talk to your insurance agent to see what options fits your budget and needs.