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Landscaping Tips

The landscaping around your home can help with the aesthetics of the home, and also help protect your house.  Hiring a landscaper can be expensive, but it can also save you money down the road. Certain landscaping techniques can help prevent water from getting into your basement.  Those types of water claims are typically not covered on a standard homeowners insurance policy. That can leave you paying for the damage out of pocket if you do have water in the basement.

 Some simple steps to help prevent water in your basement:

  1. Grading your lawn: The ground around your home should slope away from the house. The dirt around older homes can settle, which can encourage water to run into the basement.
  2. Extend downspouts: Make sure the water coming off of your roof is being directed away from the house. You can buy extensions for your downspouts to help with this.
  3. Keep mulch away from siding:  Mulch helps retain water and can cause problems with siding. The increased moisture and decreased ventilation can cause some types of siding to rot.
  4. Native plants: Native plants can help prevent erosion, which will help with storm water properly draining.
  5. Rain garden: Rain gardens are designed to temporarily hold storm water and allow it to be absorbed into the ground. They are landscaped areas where native perennials and flowers are planted.
  6. French drain: If you are having recurring problems with a wet basement. A French drain is an underground drainpipe that diverts water away from your house.