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Highway With Hail

Hail is a type of precipitation. It occurs when an updraft in a storm carries raindrops upward and freezes the raindrops into chucks of ice. It can be deadly. Hail causes damage to homes, cars, people and animals. 


What should you do if you are driving through a hailstorm?

  • Stay inside your vehicle.
  • Allow for more stopping distance.
  • Safely stop driving and pull over. The speed of your car will compound with the speed that the hail is falling, causing more damage.
  • Safely stop under an overpass.
  • Angle your car so hail is hitting the front of the car. Your windshield is reinforced for impacts, but the side and back windows are not.
  • If you have a coat or blanket in the vehicle. Lie down, have your back facing any window, and cover yourself in a blanket or coat.


Afterwards, call your independent insurance agent. Your car will probably sustain damage, but if you are prepared, you might be able to prevent any injuries!