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Keeping Critters Out!

Homeowners insurance does not cover damages to your home caused by mice or other rodents. The fall is when these little animals search for warmth and shelter for the upcoming winter months. It is important to take preventative steps before you have mice in your house. Mice might be cute but they can also be dangerous! They can carry diseases that can be dangerous to you, your family or pet. 


Here are some tips that could prevent mice or other rodents from getting into your house this fall:

 Keep it clean:

Store food in airtight containers, this includes dog food. If you have any birdseed or suet, keep this in an airtight container. Animals are always looking for an easy meal, so keep pantry items in re-sealable containers. Clean up leaves and debris around the home. Store firewood away from the house. Prune bushes and shrubs away from the house. Mice like to travels along covered pathways.

 Set traps:

Every hardware store sells simple and effective traps. Mousetraps are a cheap and effective method of keeping mice out.

Create a barrier:

Seal any cracks or openings outside. Steel wool, wire mesh, or caulk can help keep mice out. Rodents can’t chew through steel wool or wire meshing, so they are great deterrent. A mouse can squeeze through a hole a size of a dime. Make sure you cover all openings even elevated gaps because mice are climbers!

 Mice leave tell tale signs of there presences. They will leave droppings, and evidence of gnawing, or nesting. If you see any evidence of mice or other rodents, call a professional!