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Fall Lawn Maintenance

Autumn is a great time to improve your yard. Maintaining your lawn is beneficial in a few ways. A well maintained lawn improves the curb appeal of your home, benefits the soil nutrients, as well as helps with water drainage. 

Improving rainwater absorption in your yard is a crucial step to preventing a wet basement. Water seeping into your basement from a soggy lawn would not be covered claim on your homeowners insurance.

 The fall is one of the best times to reseed lawns. In order to have the seed germinate, you have to take a few steps.

  • Dethatch: You can rent a gas-powered dethatcher or pick up a thatch rake. Remove the dead grass and open up the ground to expose the topsoil. Bag and remove the thatch.
  • Aerate: Renting an aerator at a local hardware store would be the easiest way to complete this task. Aeration improves the drainage of the soil and help open up the roots systems to air.
  • Spread compost: Spread a quarter inch of compost and work it into the soil. Use the backside of a rake to leave to spread it evenly.
  • Fertilizer: Adding the right amount of nutrients is key to keeping a healthy lawn. A soil test will help identify if the soil needs to be amended and what nutrients need replenishing.
  • Reseed: Broadcast the seed at the recommended coverage. Work the seeds into the compost with the backside of a rake.
  • Water: Sometimes Mother Nature can help with this chore. Water frequently but make sure you aren’t drowning your seedlings.

If you are looking for additional informations on lawn care, the University of Minnesota offers great information on how to maintain a healthy lawn

Check out this short video from Ask This Old House on how to revitalize a lawn.