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Excessive Speed Wave

Is it the heat waves causing everyone to speed? 

Lately Minnesotan's everywhere have noticed a difference of driving habits of others on the road, including excessive speeding. This type of driving is not only dangerous, but it is a leading cause of fatal accidents. Speeding increases the likelihood of a crash, and accidents have been on the rise. It is also hurting your wallet, excessives speeds means excessive wear and tear on the vehicle

Per a tweet from Minnesota's Department of Public Safety. Traffic deaths are the highest year to date in five years. Vehicles are getting safer, but advancements in safety are being offset by aggressive drivers. Slowing down on the roads save lives!

Excessive speeding and aggressive driving also causes unnecessary wear and tear to the engine, consumes more fuel and is hard on your vehicle. The minimal time saved by speeding is easily minimized when you consider the added costs of your speed. It will make your insurance go up if you get a ticket or worse an accident. You consume more fuel, which is environmentally unsound while we have been plagued with poor air quality during our short summer season. 

Be kind to each other on the roads and slow down!