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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Late Winter Tree Pruning

Pruning is an important task for preventive maintenance. Pruning improves the over all health of the tree or shrub. Pruning helps prevent disease, insect infestation, and storm damage. The best time to prune most trees...

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Big Changes For Tax Season

The tax season is officially underway, and this year there are some big changes. Although the last day to file your taxes isn't until April 15th, most employers send out W-2 forms by the end of January. This year, under...

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Be Careful; 1 in 7 Minnesotans Drive without Insurance

Studies suggest that about one in every seven of Minnesota's nearly 3.7 million licensed drivers doesn't have vehicle insurance. The stories are all too familiar: a child walking to school faces a lifetime of difficulty...

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Ten Reasons You Might Want to Call Your Homeowners Agent

Change in Occupancy: Homeowner insurance policies are contracts used when the owner of the property resides at the insured locations. Sometimes, owners move out and the property is vacant or unoccupied, rented to others...

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Ten Reasons You Might Want to Call Your Auto Agent

1) Discount Eligibility Good Student Discount: Many companies will give credit to students who maintain at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average. A copy of their report card, college transcript or a signed note on school...

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Warming Up the Car

It is inevitable that temperatures will dip below zero; on average we have 24 days of below zero temp readings in the Twin Cities ( When you are getting up in the morning, it is tempting to start...

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