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Winter Driving Tips

Dec 30 2013 The cold weather tests the limits of our cars. The cold weather is hard on the battery, tire pressure, and even the interior of a car can crack when it is too cold. Hopefully you will find these tips useful, and if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear... more

5 Tips to Secure Your Home

Dec 20 2013 The holidays are just around the corner and unfortunately so are the thieves. This time of year can bring out the Scrooge in some people therefore it is important to protect yourself from the unnecessary aggravation. A home intrusion occurs every 13 seconds... more

Frozen Pipes are Scary!

Dec 11 2013 An average of a quarter-million families have their homes ruined and their lives disrupted each winter, all because of water pipes that freeze and burst. And recovering from frozen pipes is not as simple as calling a plumber. An eighth-inch (three millimeter)... more

Night Driving

Dec 3 2013 A little extra caution can go a long way while driving at night Summer has ended, and while fall and winter have their own pleasures - including skiing and snowboarding- longer nights mean increased danger on the roads. You might think you drive just as well... more

Happy Holidays

Nov 25 2013 The holiday season has officially begun. Happy Holidays! We want to remind everyone of the importance in planning for a sober ride home. Everyone loves a good party and it is the time of year where there will be an abundance of libations served at every... more

Beware Ghouls & Goblins Pose a Potential Threat

Oct 16 2013 It is the season for trick or treaters, soon they will be knocking on your door asking for tricks or treats. It is your responsibility as the homeowner and insurance policy owner to prevent losses. Halloween is a potential huge liability exposure because you... more

Caution Deer Ahead

Oct 8 2013 Minnesota Department of Public Safety is reminding motorist and motorcyclists to be especially cautious of deer this fall and winter. In the coming months deer activity increases because they are breeding. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is... more

Do you text while driving?

Aug 23 2013 Did you know that 100,000 auto accidents occur annually due to texting while driving? There are too many tragic stories of people who took their eyes off the road for a split second to look at their phone or to respond to a text while driving and within those... more

Boat Trailer Safety Tips

Jul 15 2013 When purchasing a trailer in Minnesota stay within recommended capacity guidelines. When determining capacity, remember to include the weight of fuel and accessories in addition to the weight of the craft. Trailers come with closed or open frames. Closed... more

Summer Thunderstorms

Jul 1 2013 It is important to begin preparing for a major storm before it strikes. To start preparing you should have an emergency kit, which includes food, water and basic items you may need in your household. If you are outdoors when a thunderstorm strikes, remember... more

Infotainment Another Distraction for Drivers

Jun 21 2013 AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a study that tested the different levels of distracted driving while listening to the radio, talking on a handheld phone, text messaging and voice-to-text messaging. The perils in hands-free messaging exceeded the... more

Fraud Prevention Tips

May 30 2013 Sign your credit and debit cards with "See ID." This will force you to show your signature sample off your ID. Few perpetrators of fraud will be able to replicate your signature on his or her ID. If you receive a voice mail from your credit card company that... more

Our Habits Dictate Our Health

May 1 2013 Health insurance costs are on the rise due to the cost associated with our lifestyles. Activities like smoking, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol use, lack of preventative screenings, patient non-compliance, inadequate sleep and poor... more

Safe Driving Is Not Just For Teens

Apr 1 2013 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there are more than 1,700 fatalities and 840,000 injuries annually due to vehicular crashes on public highways. Did you know that sending or receiving a message on your cell phone takes a driver’... more

Control Insurance Costs

Mar 29 2013 Investigate coverage and product options with your independent agent: The biggest advantage of using an independent agent is the access to a number of insurers with different products that can be tailored to your particular risk. This allows clients to... more

Distracted Driving

Mar 26 2013 Distracted driving is more prevalent in the U.S. than in Europe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surveyed and found that nearly 69 percent of U.S. drivers admitted to talking on a cellphone while driving within the past 30 days. In addition a... more

Spring Flooding

Feb 27 2013 As winter wraps up the temperature will rise which can bring rapid snowmelt. The ground will still be frozen so the water will have nowhere to go. The melting snow and rainwater will run off into lakes, streams and rivers rather than being absorbed in the... more

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