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Defensive Driver Course

Dec 15 2015 Drivers 55 years and older are able to take a Defensive Driver course either in person, or online. Most insurance carriers offer up to a 10% discount for completing a qualified senior defensive driving program. It is a great way to save money on your car... more

Tips To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

Dec 2 2015 It is easy to think that every insurance carrier is offering the same product, but the insurance carrier you buy insurance from is extremely important. Most car insurance carriers who advertise on television like to claim they all can save you money. Saving... more

Car Insurance Discounts

Nov 24 2015 When shopping for car insurance, make sure you ask your independent insurance agent if you qualify for any applicable discounts. Many insurance companies are saying they check multiple times if you are receiving any discounts you maybe eligible for, that may... more

Auto Loan Or Lease Gap Coverage

Nov 12 2015 Auto loan coverage is sometimes referred to as gap coverage, it guarantees coverage up to the remaining balance on your auto loan or lease if the market value of your car is less than what you owe. Most of our insurance carriers at A.T.C. Agency offer loan... more

New Vehicle Replacement Coverage

Nov 5 2015 If you have just purchased a new car and have added it on to your auto insurance policy, make sure you ask your independent insurance agent about new car replacement coverage. Most insurance carriers offer some type of new vehicle replacement coverage,... more

Commercial Auto Insurance

Oct 27 2015 Cars used in everyday business may need a commercial auto policy opposed to a personal auto insurance policy. Auto insurance for a small businesses covers a wide spectrum of different risks, most require the expertise of an independent insurance agency.... more

Why You Need Renter's Insurance

Oct 8 2015 A renter’s insurance policy is an affordable way to protect your personal belongings, and yourself. If you currently don’t have insurance, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to financial loss. Renters insurance covers more than just the items in your house.... more

Deductible Savings Bank

Oct 1 2015 Insurance companies, like Progressive Insurance, are offering a Deductible Savings Bank. Customers can purchase the Deductible Savings Bank feature on their auto policy. During the policy period, if there are no new violations or any accidents, customers will... more

Frozen Plumbing

Sep 29 2015 Autumn has officially started in Minnesota and Wisconsin, although we have been experiencing relatively pleasant temperatures, the risk of frost is imminent. It is a great time to protect your residence from pipes freezing. Frozen water pipes can burst if not... more

Car Insurance Tips

Sep 10 2015 If you haven't reviewed your car insurance lately, it may be costing you. Rates for auto insurance have increased on average 10% since 2013, according to a survey by Consumer Reports. The best way to review your insurance is to use an independent insurance... more

Temperatures Sizzle Minneapolis and Saint Paul

Aug 14 2015 In Minneapolis and Saint Paul, today, August 14th, 2015, is the third time we have seen temperatures at or above 90°F degrees this summer. When it is extremely hot and humid, your body's ability to cool itself is challenged. When your body heats up too... more

Safeco Rewind

Aug 12 2015 If you're a responsible driver and you've received a speeding ticket, or some other minor violation, or even had an at-fault accident you may be eligible for Safeco's Rewind program. Safeco Rewind allows you to save immediately on your auto insurance. When... more

Progressive Snapshot

Aug 12 2015 If you are a safe driver and have felt you are paying too much for your car insurance then it is time to try out Progressive's Snapshot program. Pay a fair premium for your driving habits. Insurance carriers use your age, gender, zip code and credit rating in... more

Boats & Booze

Jun 24 2015 Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is increasing patrols for boating while under the influence. It is important to remember boating and drinking do not mix. In Minnesota, there is zero tolerance for anyone operating a boat while intoxicated.... more

Adding a teen driver

Jun 18 2015 According to a new report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly two-thirds of people injured or killed in a crash involved a teen driver. According to the same report by AAA, in 2013 alone, 371,645 people were injured and 2,927 were killed in an... more

Protecting Your Car From Heat

Jun 9 2015 In Minneapolis/Saint Paul, we are expected to see our first 90-degree day. Everyone knows that the suns rays are damaging to your skin, but it is also hard on your vehicle. Here are some tips on how to protect your car from the suns damaging rays. Park in... more

Renters Insurance Edina

May 11 2015 If you rent a home or if you are renting an apartment, you should have renters insurance. Renters insurance will cover your personal belongings, like clothing, furniture, or a television; but it also protects you if you are legally responsible for the... more

Homeowners Insurance Edina

May 7 2015 We have some tips for when you are shopping for homeowners insurance in Edina, Minnesota. As of April 15th, the median home sale price in Edina, Minnesota was $399,900. When you are buying homeowners insurance, you are insuring the home itself, excluding the... more

Insurance Edina Minnesota

Apr 24 2015 A.T.C. Agency is located in Edina Minnesota. We represent the whole Minnesota and Wisconsin area. We are licensed in property and causality, as well as life and health. That means we are able to service all of your insurance needs. We are able to help with... more

Car Insurance Edina

Apr 23 2015 If you have watched television lately, you have noticed the bombardment of car insurance ads. They promise saving 20% on your auto insurance premium in 10 minutes, or even 5 minutes. When you are shopping for an insurance policy, the most prudent options... more

Recreational Fires

Apr 16 2015 Everyone loves to sit around a warm bonfire during the warmer months. Whenever you are having a fire, make sure you are following the necessary guidelines to ensure you have a great time and stay safe. If you live in Edina, you will need to get a fire permit... more

Bicyclist and Motorist

Mar 26 2015 The season of biking in Minnesota has started. Minneapolis is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the United States. As of 2014, Minneapolis has 118 miles of on-street bike paths, and an additional 92 miles of off-street bike paths. According to the U.... more

Do It Yourself Alarm Systems

Mar 10 2015 On average, more than 60 homes per day are broken into across Minnesota, according to a WCCO article that was recently released. Minneapolis Police Department reports a decrease in the amount of burglary and larceny across the city as a whole. When it comes... more

Don't Bring The Bed Bugs Back From Spring Break

Mar 2 2015 Are you planning on a nice spring vacation? Don't let these pests infiltrate. According to a survey from the National Pest Management Association, one out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered bed... more

Lake Superior Ice Caves

Feb 26 2015 As of February 23rd, 95.5% of Lake Superior is covered by ice. The cold winter weather we have been having in Minnesota and in the rest of the country has made this the second consecutive year that the ice caves on Lake Superior has been open to the public.... more

Impacts of floods do not recede with waters

Feb 11 2015 Floods are among the most deadly weather related hazards. According to a White House Report, since 1957-2005 floods accounted for 98 deaths per year, most were drowning related. The damage caused by flooding is not covered in a homeowner's policy. Minnesota... more

Punxsutawney Phil

Feb 2 2015 As the tradition goes for Groundhogs day, this morning Punxsutawney Phil gave his famous forecast. This year, the prognosticator predicts 6 more weeks of winter. Last year, Phil got it right, but only has an accuracy rate of around 80%. In Minnesota, most... more

Late Winter Tree Pruning

Jan 29 2015 Pruning is an important task for preventive maintenance. Pruning improves the over all health of the tree or shrub. Pruning helps prevent disease, insect infestation, and storm damage. The best time to prune most trees is late winter, when the tree is still... more

Big Changes For Tax Season

Jan 20 2015 The tax season is officially underway, and this year there are some big changes. Although the last day to file your taxes isn't until April 15th, most employers send out W-2 forms by the end of January. This year, under the Affordable Care Act, most Americans... more

Be Careful; 1 in 7 Minnesotans Drive without Insurance

Jan 15 2015 Studies suggest that about one in every seven of Minnesota's nearly 3.7 million licensed drivers doesn't have vehicle insurance. The stories are all too familiar: a child walking to school faces a lifetime of difficulty after being struck by a struggling... more

Ten Reasons You Might Want to Call Your Homeowners Agent

Jan 9 2015 Change in Occupancy: Homeowner insurance policies are contracts used when the owner of the property resides at the insured locations. Sometimes, owners move out and the property is vacant or unoccupied, rented to others or sold on contract for deed. When a... more

Ten Reasons You Might Want to Call Your Auto Agent

Jan 7 2015 1) Discount Eligibility Good Student Discount: Many companies will give credit to students who maintain at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average. A copy of their report card, college transcript or a signed note on school letterhead is often sufficient. Accident... more

Warming Up the Car

Jan 5 2015 It is inevitable that temperatures will dip below zero; on average we have 24 days of below zero temp readings in the Twin Cities (http://bit.ly/M6Ufhh). When you are getting up in the morning, it is tempting to start the car 5-10 minutes prior to leaving to... more

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