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Preparing Your Home for Climate Change

Oct 4 2019 Minneapolis is experiencing a change in our climate. This year has brought near record levels of precipitation. We are also seeing a trend of higher rainfall totals per storm. Minnesota has seen an increase in the severity of hailstorms. That means it is... more

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Oct 3 2019 Autumn is a great time to improve your yard. Maintaining your lawn is beneficial in a few ways. A well maintained lawn improves the curb appeal of your home, benefits the soil nutrients, as well as helps with water drainage. Improving rainwater absorption in... more

Keeping Critters Out!

Sep 27 2019 Homeowners insurance does not cover damages to your home caused by mice or other rodents. The fall is when these little animals search for warmth and shelter for the upcoming winter months. It is important to take preventative steps before you have mice in... more

Highway With Hail

Jun 12 2019 Hail is a type of precipitation. It occurs when an updraft in a storm carries raindrops upward and freezes the raindrops into chucks of ice. It can be deadly. Hail causes damage to homes, cars, people and animals. What should you do if you are driving through... more

Landscaping Tips

May 3 2019 The landscaping around your home can help with the aesthetics of the home, and also help protect your house. Hiring a landscaper can be expensive, but it can also save you money down the road. Certain landscaping techniques can help prevent water from getting... more

Home Renovation Discounts

Apr 24 2019 Spring through fall is the busiest time of year for remodeling. Remodeling and construction season is ramping up in Minneapolis. The cost of building materials and labor is increasing. It is a big financial commitment to do home renovations, but a few of them... more

Hands Free Cell Phone Bill

Apr 18 2019 It is already illegal in Minnesota to text and drive. A new bill, which goes into effect on August 1st, will put further restrictions on distracted driving. Texting, emailing, and browsing the internet while driving are illegal. The new law bans motorist from... more

Roadside Assistance Plans

Apr 12 2019 A total of 9.7” of snow has fallen on Minneapolis with this last winter storm. Bad road conditions and mixed precipitation have made the roads a mess. The spring thaw will resume shortly, which will cause an increase of potholes. When you hit a pothole, it... more

Sewer and Water Back-Up

Apr 4 2019 Most standard homeowners insurance policies do not include sewer and water back-up coverage. It is typically an added coverage. Sewer and Water Back-up is typically inexpensive, and can provide coverage for the home or your personal belongings. If you don’t... more

Troubling Trends

Apr 3 2019 We are seeing a troubling trend of rising traffic and pedestrian deaths. The increase in deaths is a nationwide problem. A recent study from The Governors Highway Safety Association estimated that 6,227 pedestrians were killed last year. Estimates for 2018 in... more

Time to reroof

Mar 29 2019 The roof of any home provides a lot of protection, from the sun, rain, snow and wind. The life of a roof can vary by the material and climate. Most asphalt shingle roofs are good for 20 years or less. If you are buying a new home that has recently had a new... more

Spring Clean-up

Mar 27 2019 The weather forecast today for Edina, Minnesota is 67° today! The warm weather is a great time to start the spring clean up. Regular routine maintenance can help prevent costly repairs in the future. If you are a homeowner, there’s no shortage of things to do!... more

Workers compensation for a nanny

Mar 21 2019 It's officially spring in Edina, Minnesota! Kids will be out of school for the summer months shortly, and that means you might be thinking about getting a nanny or babysitter. If you hire a nanny to watch the kids, you need to carry workers comp. In Minnesota... more

Rental Car Insurance

Mar 19 2019 It's spring break in Edina Minnesota and a lot of families will be going on vacation! When you are renting a car, the rental car company will offer their coverage. If you have a personal auto insurance policy, your insurance carrier may already provide some... more

Protecting your home from melting snow

Mar 14 2019 We are experiencing a rapid snowmelt in Edina! Flood warnings are up across much of the state. Increasing temperatures and the rain is quickly melting snow in Minnesota. A lot of people are experiencing wet basements, leaking roofs and other forms of water... more

Flood Insurance

Feb 26 2019 In Minneapolis and St. Paul we have had a record setting amount of snow in February. Once that snow melts it runs off into creeks, rivers and lakes. March can bring more snow and even rain. We could be in for serious spring flooding. Home insurance policies... more

Rake The Roof

Feb 21 2019 The total snowfall for the month of February in Minneapolis and St. Paul has been 31.7 inches, some areas in the metro have actually seen more! While the snow is pretty, it can be pretty bad for your roof! Removing the snow on your roof can help prevent an... more

Did you get your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift?

Feb 14 2019 If you or a loved one purchased jewelry for Valentine’s Day, you should add it to your homeowners insurance policy. Most home insurance policies have internal limits on items such as jewelry. Those limits vary by company and policy, but are typically... more

Personal Property Coverage- Homeowners Insurance

Jan 15 2019 At first glance, it appears your homeowners’ insurance policy has a lot of personal property coverage. Not all of your personal belongings are covered in the same way. We recommend reviewing your homeowners’ insurance policy and all of its coverage. Personal... more

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